TECA - Technologies and Practices for Small Agricultural Producers


Since the dawn of agriculture, family farmers have had to innovate as well as change, adapt and create new agricultural practices. The exchange of knowledge and new ideas play a central role in the process of addressing challenges affecting farmers and the sustainability of the world’s food and agriculture systems.

The TECA Forum is a virtual space for smallholder farmers to share, learn and connect with other stakeholders. The Forum explores different thematics within its exchange groups. It creates virtual spaces for people to share their experiences, knowledge, and innovations, and to learn more on specific topics related to small-scale farming.

The information gathered through these exchange groups allows FAO to identify new practices and ideas. Moreover the groups will encourage the sharing and the development of new solutions that can easily be replicated or upscaled by other farmers around the world.


  • Be part of online discussions moderated by experts on topics of interest
  • Ask experts questions and find solutions to your specific problems
  • Access a global network of practitioners and experts
  • Get worldwide visibility by connecting with practitioners around the world
  • Discuss challenges, share innovations/solutions and discover opportunities
  • Receive updated technical information

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