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TECA - Technologies and Practices for Small Agricultural Producers

TECA is an online platform that gathers successful agricultural technologies and practices to facilitate knowledge exchange and help family farmers in the field.

The TECA Platform fills the gap in the knowledge sharing process and provides practical information on proven agricultural innovations to a global audience, promoting a sustainable and inclusive rural transformation and contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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Many people in Eastern Africa depend on forests and trees to meet various needs. With growing populations, these resources are being rapidly depleted. Many farmers want to plant trees but cannot readily obtain high-quality tree seedlings. Establishing a tree nursery can help to meet this demand and...
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Le maïs est l’aliment de base le plus important en Afrique orientale. Cependant, les rendements de cette culture sur de petites exploitations restent souvent très faibles et représentent seulement un quart de ce qui pourrait être produit. Au cours d’une...
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Where to site a nursery is an important issue to consider before starting, because it influences he effort that will be required to maintain it, the way in which it will be managed, and the ease of access to users....
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In propagating the seed of Allanblackia, the following processes are to be followed:(a) Fruit collection and handling of seeds.(b) Seed pre-treatment and sowing.(c) Germination on seed beds.(d) Germination in polythene bags.(e) Preparation of media.(f)...
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To achieve a successful graft, it is important to have healthy, actively growing rootstocks, as well as scions with active (swollen) buds that have not yet opened. Normally, scions and rootstocks should be of the same diameter, in order to...
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Role of Common Property Resources as a support area for farming and livestock rearing is a well established fact. This dependency on the village commons for fodder gets further magnified in the case of small and marginal farmers with limited...
Land degradation - Land use
The objective of the technology is to grow the best combination and interface between crops and trees for control of land degradation, increasing system productivity and meeting domestic needs of food, fuel, fodder and timber of rural people.
Crops - Land degradation
The objective of forest enrichment through planting of rambutan is to increase resilience to drought, heavy rainfall, and pest and disease impacts; serve as a source of additional income, and optimize the use of idle lots / plots as well...
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Evergreen Agriculture is a combination of conservation agriculture and agroforestry practices within the same spatial and temporal dimensions. In other circles,evergreen agriculture is referred to as agroforestry-based conservation agricultureor Conservation Agriculture With Trees(CAWT).
A community rattan nursery is a cooperative venture between community members who all play a part in running it and all benefit from it. As a larger unit than would be feasible at the individual level, the unit has more...