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The Government of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea attaches high priority to improving food security and people’s livelihoods, while supporting the sustainability of natural resources that are vital for food and agriculture...(more)

Con el apoyo de la FAO, el MAG y otros socios estratégicos, el proyecto busca fortalecer las políticas públicas, con el diseño e implementación de políticas de desarrollo rural y Seguridad Alimentaria y Nutricional (SAN) en el Ecuador...(more)

Egypt’s varying climatic zones make it the perfect country for growing different varieties of dates. Date palms can tolerate arid conditions and require a relatively small amount of water, making them an ideal crop for this area of the world...(more)

Bodies of water in Ethiopia have great potential to support both capture and culture fisheries as the country works towards improved food security and nutritional goals...(more)

Fall Armyworm (FAW) outbreaks in one locality in the southwestern part of Ethiopia in early planted maize caused serious damage to maize. By the end of June 2017, FAW infestation was reported in 374 woredas in six regions, namely Amhara...(more)

Agriculture plays a critical role in Fiji’s development by upholding food and income security, promoting the advancement of communities and offering opportunities in international trade. In 2013, agriculture accounted for 9 percent of Fiji’s GDP...(more)

La situation actuelle des statistiques agro-pastorales au Gabon, malgré les efforts réalisés, n’est pas satisfaisante, tant du point de vue des méthodologies et des systèmes de collecte utilisés qu’en termes de personnel en quantité et en qualité et de ressources financières adaptées...(more)

The fisheries sector of the Gambia has long been dependent on both artisanal and industrial capture fisheries; however, productivity in this area is declining for a variety of reasons...(more)

La Guinée-Bissau est un Pays à faible revenu et à déficit vivrier (PFRDV) et fait partie des Pays les moins avancés (PMA)...(more)

La Guinée-Bissau est l’un des pays les plus pauvres du monde. Réduit à une agriculture de subsistance malgré d’importantes ressources naturelles, il n’arrive pas à couvrir les besoins de sa population et se retrouve ainsi dépendant des importations...(more)