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A diet high in under-processed bitter cassava and low in protein can trigger Konzo, a crippling upper-motor neuron disease. The onset of Konzo is abrupt, and the damage − paralysis of the legs and, occasionally, slurred speech and impaired vision − is irreversible.

The more a country knows about its forests, the better it can manage and protect them for future generations.

That means having accurate data on everything from forest coverage to soil fertility and tree health to natural habitats for flora and fauna. It...

Unleashing parasitic wasps
When the invasive cassava pink mealybug first began devastating vast areas of Thailand's cassava crops in 2008, farmers reacted by dousing their fields with toxic insecticides, which posed high environmental and human risks.

Yongfan Piao, senior plant protection officer...

Brucellosis has become endemic in livestock across Georgia, especially in the country’s eastern region. Infected animals shed the bacteria through their milk or reproductive discharge, which in turn can contaminate communal feed, pasture and water. Left undetected or untreated, the disease can spread...

To counter the risk of poor yields, lost income and hunger, the Government of Zimbabwe turned to FAO for assistance in helping farmers in the country's marginal areas focus more on producing small grains such as sorghum and millet.

Both are traditionally important...

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