Terminology Projects


The following Terminology Projects are in the research phase or are under preparation for integration in the Term Portal:

  • Trade Impacts
  • Gender
  • Pollination
  • Green Economy
  • Fire Management
  • Forest Policy
  • Aquaculture
  • Remote Sensing
  • Land Tenure
  • Biotechnology
  • Results-based Management



FAO meeting documentation and major publications are screened for terminology concepts useful for all users.  The process of developing terminology includes the following methods:

  • identification of texts and corpora
  • term extraction methodology (10 step method)
  • comparative analysis of concepts
  • collaborative terminology - inclusion of all stakeholders: linguists, terminologists, technical experts
  • research of equivalency in all FAO languages
  • terminography/terminology methodology - building the records
  • validation of terminology in all languages
  • developing term records in accordance with good practices and ISO standards
  • identification of terms by user feedback - this is the most important.



Please contact FAOTERM@fao.org for enquiries, suggestions and feedback.