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José Francisco Zúñiga dijo que se requiere investigación en una variedad de banano resistente al virus.
Following on from Colombia in August 2019, the French island of Mayotte, situated in the Indian Ocean off Mozambique, is now the 19th spot officially contaminated by TR4 (tropical race 4) fusarium wilt. The presence of this soil fungus has [...]
La Asociación de Bananeros de Colombia (Augura) participó en el panel liderado por la Organización de las Naciones Unidas para la Alimentación y la Agricultura (FAO), en la feria Fruit Logística, que se realiza esta semana en Berlín (Alemania). El [...]
On February 6, 2020 The World Banana Forum (WBF) carried out a special panel on “Fusarium TR4, the global collaboration that helps mitigate its impacts and prevent its spread” at Fruit Logistica at The CityCube Berlin, Germany.  The 1. 5 hour panel facilitated by Mr Pascal [...]
The alliance, launched on 6 February 2020 at the World Banana Forum event in Fruit Logistica trade fair, intends to generate the knowledge required to develop new varieties and production systems, and to create new TR4-resistant varieties.
An article on asks the question: What if the arrival of TR4 fusarium wilt in Colombia was a blessing? The banana world as a whole might choke on those words. The trauma of the announcement of its discovery in [...]
With Latin America frenetic over the arrival of the banana killing fungal disease TR4, FruiTrop explains how we can finally see a sign, or even an opportunity, to put an end to six decades of ultra-intensive cropping based on a single variety. [...]
El 95% de la producción del banano se va para exportaciones, y pese a las barreras el sector creció este año.
El 7 y 8 de noviembre se realizó en Bogotá, Colombia un taller técnico regional para identificar las prioridades de una agenda integrada de investigación para la exclusión, prevención, y manejo de brotes de la enfermedad Marchitez del Banano causada [...]
ICA says no further outbreaks have been detected since the disease was discovered in July. Efforts to contain the outbreak of Fusarium TR4 fungus in Colombia appear to have succeeded in halting the spread of the disease to date.

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