UNICEF and WHO, along with a range of partners, have formed a global advocacy initiative to increase political commitment to and investment for breastfeeding as the cornerstone of child nutrition, health and development.

The mission of the advocacy initiative is to galvanize political, financial and social support to scale up breastfeeding programmes and to encourage adoption of supportive legal instruments and policies at the global, regional and country levels within the broader development, humanitarian and human rights agendas, thus accelerating progress to meet or exceed the WHA global target calling for an increase in the rate of exclusive breastfeeding to at least 50 per cent by 2025.

The Breastfeeding Advocacy Initiative has three strategic goals:

  • Foster leadership and alliances and effectively integrate and communicate breastfeeding messages.
  • Mobilize resources and promote accountability.
  • Build knowledge and evidence to enhance breastfeeding policies, programmes, financing and communication.

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