Coloring with sand, a chance for young ones to learn about the Zero Hunger Challenge.

“From the white dust of Carrara marble, we created a toy that appeals to the creativity of children. We proceeded to add a rainbow of eco-friendly colors”.  This is how the creators and producers of the Sabbiarelli describe their innovative game for children between the ages of 3 and 12, in the Eccellenze Italiane magazine. 

Thanks to a collaboration with the UN-Expo Team, this creative initiative has an educational facet: the manufacturers, Ferrari Granulati, have produced a special edition of the game dedicated to the United Nation’s theme for Expo Milano 2015, “The Zero Hunger Challenge • United for a sustainable world”. By colouring in all six illustrations created by Lorenzo Terranera for the UN Space at Children’s Park in Expo Milano 2015, children will learn about the elements of the Zero Hunger Challenge.    

The small visitors of Children’s Park at Expo Milano 2015 and children that will play with this special edition of the Sabbiarelli will learn about what must be done to eliminate hunger in our world, through age-appropriate content: “all children will receive nutritious food and will celebrate their second birthday in health; all children will eat lunch and dinner every day of the year; all of the earth will be taken care of so to ensure food and water for all the children in the world; all families will produce more vegetables in their home gardens for a good nutrition; all children will eat all the food they have on their plates and will not make waste”.

They will also learn about the importance of gender equality, the element that the United Nations decided to add the five original elements of the Zero Hunger Challenge for their participation in Expo Milano 2015: “all children – both boys and girls – have the same right to grow healthy and be happy”.

“We have always shared the United Nations’ views with conviction and would like to develop awareness to them starting from a young age” explained Alberto Ferrari, the owner of Ferrari Granulati, to Eccellenze Italiane.

The Sabbiarelli consist of pre-cut drawings with adhesive sections to be filled in with the colored sands, originating from marble dust, which result in vibrant pictures that are in relief.  These easy kits dedicated to the UN will be distributed to the school groups that will visit the universal exposition as part of the School Project initiative and on the occasion of the World Food Day on 16 October.  

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