"get to Zero" goal reached

The goal of “get to Zero”, the United Nations’ app for Expo Milano 2015, has been reached. On the opening of the World Exposition on 1 May, the counter was set to 795,000,000, equal to the number of people who suffer from hunger in the world.  Now, thanks to the thousands of players who have downloaded and used the app before, after and mainly during their visit to Expo 2015, that number was reduced to zero. This is a virtual finish line that can and must crossed in reality.

The app, which can also be played online, was designed specifically to guide visitors of all ages on their visit of the UN Itinerary, rendering the itinerary more interactive, and involving them in the Zero Hunger Challenge through questions. By visiting any seven of the twelve UN Spaces that make up the UN Itinerary and completing each corresponding level successfully, the players receive a virtual passport that declares them “Ambassador for a sustainable world”.  For those passport holders who visit the UN Garden at Expo 2015, a bag and USB pen in the shape of a blue spoon, the UN’s symbol for Expo Milano 2015, are awarded as a prize.  The passports of the numerous Ambassadors for a sustainable world who have participated in the challenge are all visible on the United Nations at Expo Milano 2015 Facebook page. 

“get to Zero” takes inspiration from the UN’s primary message for the world exposition: “ending hunger in the world is everyone’s responsibility. We all have a role to play, even through the commitment to change simple everyday decisions and actions”. From virtual to real-life, this commitment can make the difference. With everyone’s participation – governments, organizations and individuals – we can get to Zero.  Among the 17 Sustainable Development Goals included in the 2030 Agenda approved by the 193 member countries of the United Nations on the 25 September, the second one aims for the complete eradication of hunger within the next 15 years.  Toghether we can be the Zero Hunger Generation.


Explore the UN Itinerary at Expo Milano 2015 by downloading our free APP or play online here

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