The high school students who want to make a difference win the Zero Hunger Challenge video contest

We can make a change is the title of the winning video in the Short Food Movie category dedicated to the United Nations’ theme for Expo Milano 2015: “The Zero Hunger challenge • United for a sustainable world”.  But who can make a change? “We can make a change. Yes, if we work together, if we share what we know, what we have, WE can change the world”, reply Annalisa, Elena, Ester, Giacomo, Matteo and Riccardo, the winning students from Liceo Leopardi – Majorama di Pordenone.

Selected by a jury headed by Costanza Quatriglio from the 20 videos with the most votes from Short Food Movie users, the video engages with one of the central themes/topics of the Zero Hunger Challenge: the world produces enough food to feed everyone, and yet there are 795 million people hungry.  “This is the idea of our video. Nowadays the distribution of the food in the world is unfair. We all are aware of it. Thanks to Expo2015, we had the chance to discuss about this important topic: the zero hunger challenge. Our solution is a fair redistribution of the food. Technology can provide the most modern tools but only “WE” can make a real change. Our hands around the world mean this. However such a big change needs not only the hands of six students, like us, the makers of the video, but also the contribution of everyone’s hands. WE can make a change”.

Through the Zero Hunger Challenge category, Short Food Movie offered amateurs and filmmakers alike the chance to have their voice heard and share their vision of and commitment to the fight to end hunger.  The teens have captured the key message of the United Nations’ participation at Expo Milano 2015: ending hunger in the world is everyone’s responsibility; each one of us can and must be part of the solution, even by committing to change simple day to day actions and decisions. 

As their prize, Annalisa, Elena, Ester, Giacomo, Matteo and Riccardo will visit Expo Milano 2015 on 16 October to join the World Food Day celebrations.  Organized by FAO to commemorate its founding on 16 October 1945, this year marks the 70th anniversary of the organization and falls three weeks after the approval of the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.  The stage of Expo 2015 will provide one of the first opportunities to talk to the greater public and in particular to the youth that is often defined as the “Zero Hunger Generation” on a global level.  


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