UN Events Calendar for Expo Milano 2015 now available

The UN-Expo Team is pleased to announce that a United Nations Events Calendar for Expo Milano 2015 is now available on our website.  

In this calendar, you will be able to see the most up to date information on events and activities at Expo Milan 2015 that the UN is organizing, co-organizing and/or participating in. These include the three UN Days celebrated at Expo Milan 2015, panels, workshops, conferences, seminars, meetings, ceremonies, UN observances, competitions and celebrations taking place in Milan (on and off the Expo site) from the 1st May through the 31st October. 

To access this calendar, please click here.   

Please note that this calendar is a living document, and as such it will be updated regularly throughout Expo Milan 2015, with additions and changes made as details and confirmations are communicated to the UN-Expo Team. 

For more information on events at Expo Milano 2015 that the UN is involved in, or to inform our team about additional events, please fill out this form.

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