The UN-Expo Team launches "The UN at Expo Milano 2015”: a glimpse into the 2015 World Exposition in Milano

The UN-Expo Team is pleased to announce the launch of their new book, “The UN at Expo Milano 2015”, which details the UN’s participation at Expo Milano 2015.  This book will offer a glimpse into the various elements that make up the UN’s presence at the World Exposition. 

“The UN at Expo Milano 2015” addresses the UN’s theme for Expo, their horizontal presence at the Exposition in Milano, the UN Days that will be celebrated at Expo, the different communication tools available, and details their collaboration with countries and both official and strategic partners.   

In this illustrated  and comprehensive publication, readers will have the opportunity to see the progress that the UN-Expo Team has made on the road towards Expo Milano 2015 and catch a glimpse of what a visit to Expo and the UN Zero Hunger Itinerary will bring.  


To flip through the book, click here.  

To download the book (updated September 2015), click here.

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