UN Security Management Italy

Desk officer UNDSS

The regional desks in the Division of Regional Operations are the backbone of the Department of Safety and Security. They monitor daily security environments and UN security operations in their respective regions, provide security advice and technical support to UN security personnel in the field and coordinate with security focal points of UN departments, agencies, funds and programmes ensuring an unified and comprehensive response to any given security environment.

The 24-hour desk watch system is a complement to the current DSS Regional Operations contact procedures. If the desk officer for Europe or the DSS duty officer cannot be contacted, especially during silent hours or on weekends, the DSS Duty Watch will be available to assist.

24/7 DSS Communications Centre 1-917-367-9438/ 39

Email [email protected]     

Internet dss.un.org   unsmin.un.org

UNDSS HQ Desk Chief

Mr. Andre'Bouchard, Chief Europe and Americas(DSS)

email: [email protected]

UNDSS Desk Officer

Ms. Yuquin Zhang, Security Coordination Officer(DSS)

emai: [email protected]