UN Security Management Italy

United Nations in Italy

The FAO Director General Mr J. Graziano da Silva accepted on the 26th of January 2012 the role of Designated Official for Italy through an official Memo to the Under-Secretary-General. His mandate constitutes in the application of the UN Security Management System for the Italian territory, and his functions are coordinative and not functional.

The italian territory hosts 23 UN entities, located in diffent cities and in different kinds of premises. Even if Rome hosts the majority of these entities ( including FAO HQ, WFP HQ and IFAD HQ) there are also other important nucleous in Brindisi ( UNGSC and UNHRD),Turin (UNICRI, UNSSC, ITC-ILO) and Trieste (ICGEB, ICTP and TWAS) together with smaller cells in Florence, Venice and Perugia.