Sixty-second Session

Rome, 12-15 January 1999


1. The Group shall provide a forum for consultations on and studies of the economic aspects of production, marketing, trade and consumption of bananas and tropical fruits.

2. The field of competence of the Group shall include:

3. The Group shall consider how best to deal with any special difficulties which may exist or may be expected to arise and shall submit reports and/or recommendations on the subject.

4. Membership in the Group shall be open to all Member Nations and Associate Members of the Organization that are substantially interested in the production or consumption of and trade in bananas and/or tropical fruits. So far as participation of dependent territories is concerned, the provisions of Article 69 of the Havana Charter shall apply. In order to be considered as a member of the Group, eligible Member Nations or Associate Members shall communicate to the Director-General a formal expression of intention. Interested non-Member States of the Organization that are members of the United Nations, any of its Specialized Agencies or the International Atomic Energy Agency may be admitted by the Council of the Organization to membership in the Group.

5. Attendance by non-Member States of the Organization at sessions of the Group shall be governed by the principles relating to the granting of observer status to nations adopted by the Conference.

6. In order to ensure the effective discharge of the functions of the Group, governments shall, as far as practicable, furnish all the information required for the work of the Group.

7. The Group shall report to the Committee on Commodity Problems, it being understood that copies of its reports and/or copies of reports of the Sub-Groups on Bananas and on Tropical Fruits, including any conclusions, will be circulated to interested governments and international organizations for their information as soon as they become available.

8. The Group shall make arrangements for close liaison in its activities with other organizations especially interested in bananas and/or tropical fruits and shall avoid duplication of work being undertaken by such other organizations.

9. The Director-General shall keep the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development and the Economic and Social Council informed of the activities of the Group.

10. The Group, in consultation with the Director-General, shall determine the dates and places of its sessions, keeping in mind the character and importance of the subjects under review, the large number of governments interested in bananas and tropical fruits, and the need for economy in the cost of meetings and travel.

11. The Group may adopt and amend its own rules of procedure, which shall be approved by the Committee on Commodity Problems and shall be consistent with the rules of the Committee.