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102nd Session of the Programme Committee

Rome, 27 - 31 July 2009

List of DocumentsDownload ID
PC 102/1 Provisional Agenda K5355E
PC 102/2
FC 128/11
Draft Strategic Framework K5474E
PC 102/3
FC 128/11 a Rev.1
Draft Medium Term Plan 2010-13 and Programme of Work and Budget 2010-11 K5475E
PC 102/4 Charter for the FAO Office of Evaluation K4557E
PC 102 INF/Series   
PC 102/INF/1 Provisional Timetable K5507E
PC 102/INF/2 Provisional List of Documents K5469E
PC 102/INF/4 Progress Report on the Towards a More Effective Response to Desert Locusts and Their Impacts on Food Security, Livelihoods and Poverty - Multilateral Evaluation of the 2003-05 Desert Locust Campaign K5264E
PC 102/INF/5 Progress Report on the Real Time Evaluation of the FAO Emergency and Rehabilitation Operations in Response to the Indian Ocean Earthquake and Tsunami K5325E
PC 102/INF/6 Progress Report on the Evaluation of TeleFood K5454E
PC 102/INF/7 Progress Report on the Evaluation of FAO's Work in Commodities and Trade K5200E
PC 102/INF/8 Progress Report on the Evaluation of Strategy D.2: Conservation, rehabilitation and development of environments at the greatest risk K5199E
PC 102/INF/9 Progress Report on the Evaluation of Partnerships and Alliances K5212E
PC 102/INF/10 Progress Report on the Follow-up to Past Programme Committee Recommendations K5486E
CL 137/INF - Series  
CL 137/INF/8 JIU/REP/2008/2: Junior Professional Officer/Associate Expert/Associate Professional Officer Programmes in United Nations System Organizations K5442E
JM 09.2/1 Provisional Agenda of the Joint Meeting K5354E
JM 09.2/4 Directions for Collaboration among the Rome-based Agencies K5126E
JM 09.2/5 Collaboration on Administrative and Processing Work between FAO, WFP and IFAD – Progress Report K5266E
JM 09.2/6 Management of the TCP Appropriation K5409E
CL 137/2 Report of the Joint Meeting of the Hundred and Second Session of the Programme Committee and the Hundred and Twenty-eighth Session of the Finance Committee
(Rome, 29 July 2009)
CL 137/3 Report of the Hundred and Second Session of the Programme Committee
(Rome, 27 - 31 July 2009)

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