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Название Консультативный комитет по научным исследованиям в области рыбного хозяйства
Кодекс FI-713
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Статья Устава ФАО

Статья VI, пункт 2

История создания

Established by the Director-General following the decision of the Conference at its Eleventh Session (1961) as the Advisory Committee on Marine Resources Research (ACMRR). Statutes revised by the Council in 1993 to change name to ACFR and amend the scope and terms of reference.


Устав (на английском языке)

Правила процедуры

Правила процедуры (на английском языке)

Категория Кат. 3

To study and advise the Director-General on the formulation and execution of the Organization's work in respect of all aspects of fisheries research, including conservation and management of marine and inland fishery resources, increasing fish productivity through enhancement of wild resources and through aquaculture, improving the means of converting fishery resources into human food and study the dynamics of fishing communities and the socio-economic consequences of Government fishery policies. Special attention is provided to the fisheries aspects of oceanographic research and to the impacts of environmental change on the sustainability of fisheries.


The Members of the Committee are selected on the basis of their specialized knowledge. Although the Committee is numerically small, consisting of only eight members, selection has been made to include the widest possible subject matter and geographical representation.

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Консультативный комитет по научным исследованиям в области рыбного хозяйства

Первая сессия Ноябрь 1997 года
Сессии 1997, 1999, 2000, 2002, 2004 и 2006 гг.