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Advisory Committee on Sustainable Forest-based Industries (ACSFI) (FO-734)

Title Advisory Committee on Sustainable Forest-based Industries (ACSFI)
Code FO-734
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Legal Framework
Article of Constitution

Article VI.2


Established by the Director-General in 1960 following the decision of the Conference at its Tenth Session (1959, Resolution 30/59) and broadened in accordance with the terms of Resolution 2/111 of the Hundred and Eleventh Session of the Council (1996). The Council at its 145th Session changed the name of the Advisory Committee on Paper and Wood Products to Advisory Committee on Sustainable Forest-based Industries (ACSFI).


Statutes (adopted by the 145th Session of the Council)

Rules of Procedure

Rules of Procedure

Category Cat. 2
  • To advise the Director-General on FAO’s programme in the field of sustainable production and consumption of forest industry products, and on consistent support on related policy work and regulatory matters.
  • To assist the Organization in identifying key issues across the forest industry value chains related to the economic, environmental, social and cultural aspects of private forest ownership, sustainable forest management, harvesting, processing, investments, trade, consumption, and associated benefits in carbon balance and in other ecosystem services.
  • To seek to maximize the potential of multiple forest sector benefits from innovations and more efficient small, medium and large-scale processing of mechanical, chemical and energy products of roundwood, logging residues, recycled forest products and industry waste.
  • To aim at improving communication, knowledge and information exchange and training on best practices between Members, private sector experts and the Organization.

No less than 15 and not more than 30 leading experts, familiar with the problems of forest industries, designated by the Director-General in their personal capacity and attending sessions at their own expense. Sessions may also be attended by advisers invited by the Members of the Committee and its Chairperson, but they shall not act as Members or their alternates. View list

Languages English
Frequency of Sessions Normally one session per year
Division Forestry Policy and Resources Division (FOA)
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[email protected]

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Advisory Committee on Sustainable Forest-based Industries

First Session October 1960