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Agriculture, Land and Water Use Commission for the Near East (ALAWUC) (RNE-708)

Название Agriculture, Land and Water Use Commission for the Near East (ALAWUC)
Кодекс RNE-708
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Правовая основа
Статья Устава ФАО

Article VI.1

История создания

This commission was established as a merger of two previous regional commissions [Near East Regional Commission on Agriculture (RNEA-708) and Regional Commission on Land and Water in the Near East (RNEA-701)] following Conference Resolution 13/97.



Правила процедуры

General Rules of the Organization

Категория Cat. 1

The merger was made to make the new Commission more effective in its operation and more able in responding to the needs of Member Nations. Moreover, it was meant to further strengthen the adopted multidisciplinary approach and programmes of integrated and comprehensive agricultural and rural development. The new Commission is established to provide a forum through which Member Nations can exchange information and experience, promote regional and sub-regional technical cooperation in fields of mutual interest and undertake joint programmes of work. An added benefit is assistance provided to FAO in identifying issues and problems of common interest to Member Nations and in formulating future work programmes. These could include promotion of technical cooperation to overcome the identified problems on water resources management, sustainable land use, completion of data relating to development and conservation of the land/water resources in the Region; promotion of programmes for food production, plant protection, animal health and livestock production, development of agricultural research systems, and identification of efficient agricultural services to farmers, etc.


Open to all Member Nations of the Organization whose territories are situated wholly or partly in the Near East Region as defined by the Organization and which notify the Director-General of their desire to be considered as Members.

Число членов 23
Список членов
  • Афганистан
  • Бахрейн
  • Египет
  • Иордания
  • Ирак
  • Иран (Исламская Республика)
  • Йемен
  • Катар
  • Кипр
  • Кувейт
  • Ливан
  • Ливия
  • Мавритания
  • Марокко
  • Объединенные Арабские Эмираты
  • Оман
  • Пакистан
  • Саудовская Аравия
  • Сирийская Арабская Республика
  • Сомали
  • Судан
  • Тунис
  • Турция
Рабочие языки Arabic and English
Номер документа ALAWUC
Периодичность проведения сессий Normally one session per biennium
Отдел Regional Office for the Near East (FAO-RNE)
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Agriculture, Land and Water Use Commission for the Near East

Первая сессия March 2000