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Indian Ocean Tuna Commission (FI-733)

Название Indian Ocean Tuna Commission
Кодекс FI-733
Сессии и документы

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Правовая основа
Статья Устава ФАО

Article XIV

История создания

Established by the Director-General following the decision of the Conference at its Twenty-seventh Session (1993).

Правила процедуры

Adopted at the Second Session of the Commission (1997). View Rules of Procedure.

Категория Cat. 1

To promote cooperation with a view to ensuring, through appropriate management, the conservation of optimum utilization of tuna and tuna-like species, to keep under review the conditions and trends of the stocks and to gather, analyse and disseminate scientific information, catch and effort statistics and other data relevant to the conservation and managagement of the stocks and to fisheries based on the stocks; to encourage, recommend and coordinate research and development activities in respect of the stock and fisheries, including activities connected with transfer of technology, training and enhacement; to adopt conservation measures to ensure the conservation of stocks and to promote the objective of their optimum utilization; to keep under review the economic and social aspects of the fisheries based on the stocks, bearing in mind, in particular, the interests of developing coastal states.


Open to Members and Associate Members of FAO, or by a two-thirds majority of its Members, any other States that are not Members of FAO, but are Members of the United Nations, or of any of its Specialized Agencies or of the International Atomic Energy Agency, that are coastal Members or Associate Members situated wholly or partly within the Area; Members or Associate Members whose vessels engage in fishing in the Area for stocks covered by this Agreement; or regional economic integration organizations of which any State referred to in subparagraphs (i), or (ii) above is a member and to which that Member has transferred competence over matters within the purview of this Agreement.

Число членов 30
Список членов
  • Австралия
  • Белиз
  • Вануату
  • Гвинея
  • Европейский союз
  • Индия
  • Индонезия
  • Иран (Исламская Республика)
  • Кения
  • Китай
  • Коморские Острова
  • Маврикий
  • Мадагаскар
  • Малайзия
  • Мальдивы
  • Мозамбик
  • Объединенная Республика Танзания
  • Оман
  • Пакистан
  • Республика Корея
  • Сейшельские Острова
  • Соединенное Королевство
  • Судан
  • Сьерра-Леоне
  • Таиланд
  • Филиппины
  • Франция
  • Шри-Ланка
  • Эритрея
  • Япония
Рабочие языки English and French
Номер документа IOTC
Периодичность проведения сессий Normally one session per year
Для контактов



Indian Ocean Tuna Commission

Первая сессия December 1996
Вспомогательные органы

Permanent Scientific Committee (FI-734)

  • Each Member of the Commission nominates a representative, and an alternate if needed. The representative may be accompanied by experts and advisers. The Commission may also invite experts in their individual capacity.
  • The Commission may also establish Sub-Commissions to deal with one or more of the stocks covered by the Agreement establishing the Commission.
  • Working Parties for Tagging, Data and Statistics, Tropical Tunas, Temperate Tunas, Neritic Tunas and Billfish.