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Asia and Pacific Commission on Agricultural Statistics (RAP-703)

Название Asia and Pacific Commission on Agricultural Statistics
Кодекс RAP-703
Сессии и документы


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Правовая основа
Статья Устава ФАО

Article VI-1

История создания

Established by the Conference at its Twelfth Session (1963, Resolution 41/63) on the recommendation of the Sixth FAO Regional Conference for Asia and the Far East (1962). The Commission title was changed from "Asia and Far East" to "Asia and Pacific" by the Eighty-second Session of the Council in 1982.

Правила процедуры

General Rules of the Organization.

Категория Cat. 1

To review the state of food and agricultural statistics in the Region and advise Member Nations on the development and standardization of agricultural statistics within the general framework of FAO's work in the field, and to convene working parties or other Subsidiary Bodies of national experts required for this purpose.


Open to all Member Nations and Associate Members whose territories are situated wholly or partly in the Asia and Pacific Region or who are responsible for the international relations of any non-self-governing territories in the Regions (see Report of 47th Council Session, para. 191). Membership shall comprise such eligible Nations as have notified the Director-General of their desire to be considered as Members.

Число членов 25
Список членов
  • Австралия
  • Афганистан
  • Бангладеш
  • Бутан
  • Вьетнам
  • Индия
  • Индонезия
  • Иран (Исламская Республика)
  • Камбоджа
  • Китай
  • Лаосская Народно-Демократическая Республика
  • Малайзия
  • Мьянма
  • Непал
  • Новая Зеландия
  • Пакистан
  • Республика Корея
  • Соединенное Королевство
  • Соединенные Штаты Америки
  • Таиланд
  • Фиджи
  • Филиппины
  • Франция
  • Шри-Ланка
  • Япония
Рабочие языки English and also French if a French-speaking Member Nation advises of its intention to participate.
Периодичность проведения сессий Normally one session per biennum
Отдел Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific (FAO-RAP)
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Asia and Pacific Commission on Agricultural Statistics

Regional project Strengthening Regional Data Exchange System on Food and Agricultural Statistics in Asia and Pacific Countries (GCP/RAS/184/JPN)

Первая сессия September/October 1966