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FAO/OEA-CIE/IICA Working Group on Agricultural and Livestock Statistics for Latin America and the Caribbean (RLC-705)

Название FAO/OEA-CIE/IICA Working Group on Agricultural and Livestock Statistics for Latin America and the Caribbean
Кодекс RLC-705
Правовая основа
Статья Устава ФАО

Article VI-2

История создания

Established as Sub-Committee of COINS on Agricultural Statistics by the Executive Committee of the Inter-American Statistical Institute (IASI) at its Twenty-fourth Session (1964) and formally approved by the Committee on Improvement of National Statistics (COINS) at its Eighth Session (1964). The title was changed to that above by the Conferencia de Estadísticos Gubernamentales de las Americas (CEGA) at its First Session (1983), CEGA being the organization which replaced COINS since 1981. In 1995, IASI withdrew from the Working Group and was replaced by the Organization of American States (OEA) and the Inter-American Institute for Aquaculture (IICA).

Правила процедуры

General Rules of the Organization

Категория Cat. 3

To review the state of food and agricultural statistics in the Region, to advise Member Nations on the development and standardization of agricultural statistical services and to convene study groups or other Subsidiary Bodies of national experts required for this purpose.


The Membership is not permanent as Members are usually selected for one session. Membership consists of three representatives from American countries nominated jointly by FAO/OEA/IICA. In addition, representatives of FAO/OEA/IICA are ex-officio Members of the Working Group. The number of Members may be increased depending on the specific subject matter under discussion.
Observers: National Statistical Officers, ECLAC, CAIS, Inter-American Committee for Agricultural Development (CIDA), Inter-American Institute for Agricultural Science, Pan American Union (PAU). The Secretariat of this Working Group is Joint FAO/OEA/IICA.
The reports of the Working Group are joint FAO/OEA/IICA publications.

Рабочие языки English and Spanish
Отдел Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean (RLC)
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Первая сессия November 1964
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