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Региональная комиссия по рыбному хозяйству (RNE-739)

Название Региональная комиссия по рыбному хозяйству
Кодекс RNE-739
Сессии и документы

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Правовая основа
Статья Устава

Article XIV

История создания

Established by the Director-General on the basis of Resolution 1/117 adopted by the Council at its Hundred and Seventeenth Session (1999).

RECOFI in effect replaces in terms of geographical area the former Committee for the Development & Management of the Fisheries Resources of the Gulfs, a subsidiary body of the Indian Ocean Fishery Commission (IOFC), which was abolished by IOFC at its Eleventh Session in February 1999.

Правила процедуры

Adopted at the First Session of the Commission (2001).

Категория Cat. 1

To promote the development, conservation, rational management and best utilization of living marine resources, as well as the sustainable development of aquaculture in the area covered by the Commission, and to these ends it shall have the following functions and responsibilities:

  • to keep under review the state of these resources, including their abundance and the level of their exploitation, as well as the state of the fisheries based thereon;
  • to formulate and recommend appropriate measures (i) for the conservation and rational management of living marine resources, including measures regulating fishing methods and fishing gear, prescribing the minimum size for individuals of specified species, establishing open and closed fishing seasons and areas, and regulating the amount of total catch and of fishing effort and their allocation among Members; (ii) for the implementation of these recommendations;
  • to keep under review the economic and social aspects of the fishing industry and recommend any measures aimed at its development;
  • to encourage, recommend, coordinate and, as appropriate, undertake training and extension activities in all aspects of fisheries;
  • to encourage, recommend, coordinate and, as appropriate, undertake research and development activities, including cooperative projects in the areas of fisheries and the protection of living marine resources;
  • to assemble, publish or disseminate information regarding exploitable living marine resources and fisheries based on these resources;
  • to promote programmes for aquaculture and fisheries enhancement;
  • to carry out such other activities as may be necessary for RECOFI to achieve its purpose as defined above.

Open to all Members and Associate Members of FAO that are coastal Members or Associate Members situated mainly or partly within the area; Member Nations or Associate Members whose vessels are engaged in fishing in the area and regional economic integration organization of which any Member Nation referred to above is a Member and to which that Member Nation has transferred competence over matters within the purview of the Agreement establishing this Commission.

Число членов 8
Список членов
  • Бахрейн
  • Ирак
  • Иран (Исламская Республика)
  • Катар
  • Кувейт
  • Объединенные Арабские Эмираты
  • Оман
  • Саудовская Аравия
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Периодичность проведения сессий Обычно одна сессия в двухгодичный период
Отдел Regional Office for the Near East and North Africa
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