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Substitute Representatives (July 2011-June 2013)

Afghanistan (Mr Abdul Razak Ayazi)
Algeria (Mr Mohamed Mellah
Argentina (Mr Gustavo Oscar Infante)*
Austria (Ms Natalie Feistritzer)**
Bangladesh (Mr Mafizur Rahman)***
Canada (Mr Eric Robinson)****
China (Mr Guo Handi)*****
Egypt (Mr Magdi Anwar Hassan)***
Ethiopia (Mr Abreha G. Aseffa)
New Zealand (Mr Neil Fraser)
Panama (Mr Guido J. Martinelli Endara)*******
Switzerland (Ms Christina Emma Grieder)**

* Ms. D. Andrea Repetti will replace Mr Infante when he is unavailable
** Elected by the Council following the withdrawal of Belgium (Ms Martine Van Dooren) and Germany (Ms Swantje Nilsson)
*** Following the withdrawal of Ms Sultana Afroz
**** Following the withdrawal of Mr Marco Valicenti
***** Following the withdrawal of Mr Li Zhengdong. Mr Xia Jingyuan replaces Mr Guo Handi for the 113th Session
****** Following the withdrawal of Mr Essam Osman Fayed
******* Following the withdrawal of Mr Gerardo E. Vega Berrio.  Ms Margarita Quiñones Ruedas replaces Mr Martinelli Endara for the 113th Session.

117th Session (9-13 March 2015)

 116th Session (3-7 November 2014)

115th Session (26-30 May 2014)

114th Session (11-15 November 2013)

113th Session (18-22 March 2013)

112th Session (5-9 November 2012)

111th (Special) Session (31 May - 1 June 2012)

110th Session (7-11 May 2012)

109th (Special) Session (November 2011)

108th Session (October 2011)