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Food systems (from production to distribution to consumption) should ensure that enough nutritious food is available for everyone, whether they live in urban and rural and are poor households. The challenge is doing so while minimizing any harmful impact on the environment. 

This thematic area focuses on efficient and resilient food supply and distribution systems. For instance strengthening the rural-urban food supply chain in order to face and  adapt to disruptive events such as natural disasters; developing sustainable food transportation and logistics planning in order to reduce carbon emissions by improving alternative fuels or means of transport and thus improve connections with peri-urban and rural nearby areas; strengthening or develop energy efficient municipal public markets including farmers markets, retail and wholesale markets; creating an enabling environment for the informal food system sector and their stakeholders.


2018, Case study
Asia and the Pacific - Shanghai
2018, Case study
Europe - Ljubljana
2018, Case study
Europe - Vienna
2018, Case study
North America - Toronto
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