Plataforma de Acciones en Alimentación Urbana

Student Nutrition Program

Author: Municipality of Toronto

This report outlines a needs-based strategy requested by the Board of Health in April 2016 to apply a health equity lens to assess the eligibility of interested independent schools1 for municipal student nutrition program funding. Recommended is an objective, clear and comparable assessment method, similar to what is used for public schools, which links student postal code to neighbourhood household income. The additional financial supports and processes that are required to extend municipal funding to independent schools are identified. This report also outlines a request to increase the 2018 Operating Budget by $2,748,962 in support of the six-year plan (2013-2018) endorsed by the Board of Health to strengthen and expand student nutrition programs in Toronto. The budget enhancement would increase the City's investment rate to 20%, or $14,984,941 of total local program costs of an estimated $76,393,026. This enhancement request also includes an extension of municipal funds to up to 20 new student nutrition programs in public schools serving higher need communities, fewer than originally projected. As well, this enhancement request includes funds to extend municipal funding to student nutrition programs in independent schools which serve higher needs communities and meet program eligibility criteria. The request includes $40,000 for community capacity building to support program success and municipal oversight of grants.

Region: North America
Coverage: Canada
Areas of focus: Sustainable diets and nutrition