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La Costanza: Urban Agroecology in a quickly urbanizing place

Author: Constantino Casasbuenas

La Costanza is a 'family' (LCF) farm located in Chía, Cundinamarca, 23 km north of Bogota. LCF is integrated by Mireya (owner); Dora (farmer from Gachetá), Jessica and Laura (Dora's daughters, though primary students, they are learning agroecology) and María and Constantino (fully dedicated to agroecology). Although Chía has been a rural place, dedicated to agriculture, it is now becoming strongly influenced by Bogota. Bogota has 8 million inhabitants and keeps growing. Though they keep their jobs in Bogota, many people have moved to Chía, now with a population of 127,000 inhabitants, registered the highest grow rate (more than 113.24!) at the municipal level in the Cundinamarca province, during the last two census held in 1994 and 2005. Smallholders (many of them coming directly from the Chibcha tribes who populated the area before the Spanish colonised) continue to exist, and together with many other farmers and with the institutional support of the UMATA (Municipal Units for Technical Assistance) we continue to develop agroecology on our lands. In many different ways we are connected with the agroecological movement and with agroecology in universities all over Colombia.

Organization: Producers’ Organization
Region: Latin America and the Caribbean
Coverage: Colombia
Areas of focus: Food production and ecosystem management
Tags: Agroecology, Climate adaptation, Food security and nutrition