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Red H Farm

Author: Caitlin Hachmyer

Red H Farm is located in Sebastopol, a small town in Sonoma County, about one hour north of San Francisco, California on the western coast of the United States of America. Red H Farm is owned and operated by Caitlin Hachmyer, a 32-year old woman born and raised in Sebastopol. The 0.6 hectare farm exists between two parcels of land. The first, core parcel is 0.3 hectares of land on which Caitlin grew up and which is still owned by her family (the “home farm” site, as referred below). The second is an additional 0.3 hectares located at the Permaculture Skills Center (PSC), an educational and entrepreneurial space in Sebastopol where Caitlin works as an instructor in a farmer-to-farmer educational program called Farm School (the “PSC site”). The main greenhouse sits on a third parcel of land.

Organization: Producers’ Organization
Region: North America
Coverage: United States of America
Areas of focus: Food production and ecosystem management
Tags: Agroecology, Climate adaptation, Food security and nutrition