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Nourishing the city: the rise of the urban food question in the Global North

Author: Kevin Morgan

The urban food question is forcing itself up the political agenda in the Global North because of a new food equation that spells the end of the ‘cheap food’ era, fuelling nutritional poverty in the cities of Europe and North America. This article explores the rise of the urban food question in the Global North through the multiple prisms of theory, policy and political practice. First, it explores the theoretical ways in which the food system is being framed in urban planning, urban political ecology and community food security. Second, it charts the rise of new urban foodscapes associated with urban agriculture and public health. Finally, it identifies a new urban food politics and asks if this constitutes a new social movement.

Organization: Academia/ University
Region: Global coverage
Areas of focus: Governance and planning
Tags: Awarness raising, Food councils/food boards, Multi-stakeholdres working groups