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Closing the loop on food waste in Toronto: Where food is being wasted and what we can do about it

Author: Carriere, K.
Publisher:Food Systems Lab

The Food Systems Lab, under a Pierre Elliot Trudeau Foundation grant has dedicated a year to using the Social Innovation Lab model to bring together leaders from across sectors including food in policy-makers, food service and retail providers, schools, community food centres, Indigenous leaders, faith leaders, organizers, academics, growers, composters, food rescuers and consumers to explore how we can redesign our food system to ensure that everyone has access to healthy, affordable, culturally appropriate food—and that this valuable resource is not squandered. This work requires a change in consciousness about how we value food in our society and in our homes. This publication celebrates current efforts across our food system—from farm to processing to purchase to table—exploring how food waste is being tackled. It shares the stories of individuals and organizations who are closing the loop on food waste in and around Toronto/Tkaronto, and shows us where so much more can be done.

Organization: Academia/ University
Region: North America
Coverage: Canada
Areas of focus: Food loss and waste
Tags: Awarness raising, Climate mitigation, Data innovation, Food system analysis, Recycling & recovering