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Food System and Food Security Study for the City of Cape Town

Author: Jane Battersby, Gareth Haysom, Godfrey Tawodzera, Milla McLachlan, Maya Marshak, Florian Kroll, Jonathan Crush

The Right to Food is enshrined within the South African Constitution. However, despite there being sufficient food available within the country, this right is not being met. Both nationally and within the City of Cape Town there are high levels of household food insecurity. The nature of food insecurity is changing. Food insecure households continue to be malnourished in terms of essential nutrients for health and development, but they are also now characterised by increasing obesity, diabetes and hypertension. This shifting pathology necessitates a shift in thinking about food security and its causes. It can no longer be viewed solely, or even primarily, simply as a manifestation of household poverty. It must be viewed in the context of the wider food system, and other interconnected systems. Key words: Food justice, Access, Food System, Governance

Region: Africa
Coverage: South Africa
Areas of focus: Governance and planning, Sustainable diets and nutrition, Social and economic equity, Food supply and distribution, Food loss and waste