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Plate-forme des Actions Alimentaires Urbaines

A People's Food Policy


We do not currently have a national food and farming plan, policy or legislative framework that integrates the compartmentalised policy realms of food production, health, labour rights, land use and planning, trade, the environment, democratic participation and community wellbeing. This absence is having serious long term, and increasingly irreversible impacts on our food and farming system, people’s livelihoods, the fabric and cohesion of both rural and urban communities. To see real and significant shifts in the way our food system operates, we need to drastically change the way that food governance takes place. A People’s Food Policy aims to map out what an integrated food policy would look like if people were put at the heart of decision-making. A growing group of people from different civil society organisations, unions and community groups working across the food system have come together to develop the ideas and positions in this document.

Organization: Civil Society Organization
Region: Europe
Coverage: United Kingdom
Areas of focus: Governance and planning, Social and economic equity