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Plate-forme des Actions Alimentaires Urbaines

The draft London food strategy. Healthy and sustainable food for London. Draft for consultation.

Author: Greater London Authority - City Hall
Publisher:Greater London Authority - City Hall

Food is vital to sustain life but food is also much more than just a meal. It connects everything we do as a society, it affects the environment, it drives our economy, affects our health and it is a central part of our cultural life. How our food system works and what Londoners eat is crucial in helping London to be a better place to live, work and visit. Our food system is complex and remarkable and while it is full of benefits, there are also many challenges; child obesity is rising, Londoners’ reliance on foodbanks is increasing and Global Greenhouse Gas emissions (GHGs) from food production are contributing to London’s poor air quality. The draft London Food Strategy sets out our thinking and provides a framework to help all Londoners, London boroughs and the partners we work with adapt our city’s food system to meet the challenges that lie ahead. Climate adaptation|Food banks|Food security and nutrition|Healthy environment|Markets|Multi-stakeholders working groups|Partnerships|Schools

Region: Europe
Coverage: United Kingdom
Areas of focus: Governance and planning