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Leveraging institutional food procurement for linking small farmers to markets

Author: Siobhan Kelly; Luana F. J. Swensson

Institutional food procurement programmes (IFPPs) refer to initiatives that are intentionally designed to link an institution’s demand for food to social, environmental and economic development objectives, contributing to the transformation of local food systems that are inclusive of small farmers and enterprises. FAO released a technical study to provide insights on the policy and institutional reforms required for the development and implementation of IFPPs, based on a cross-analysis of lessons from eight country case studies covering WFP’s Purchase for Progress initiative and Brazil’s food procurement programmes. A policy brief summarizes the main findings. Key words: Inclusion of the poor, Institutional elements, Organizational elements, Governance (linkage) upgrading, Business enabling environment upgrading, Business model

Region: Global coverage
Areas of focus: Governance and planning, Food supply and distribution