Городские мероприятия в области продовольствия

The experience of Bio-districts in Italy

Author: Salvatore Basile

In 2009 the Italian Association for Organic Agriculture (AIAB) launched the first bio-district in Italy. A bio-district is a geographical area where farmers, citizens, tourist operators, associations and public authorities enter into an agreement for the sustainable management of local resources, based on organic principles and practices, aiming at the fulfilment of the economic and sociocultural potential of the territory. They act according to the principles and methods of the organic production and agro-ecology. Each Biodistrict is marked by lifestyle, nutrition, human relations and nature. It results that agricultural productions are more valuable and typically characterized, hence more appreciated by the market. The bio-districts represent an innovative approach for sustainable, integrated and participatory territorial development which builds around the environmental, social and economic dimensions of sustainability. The first bio-district was launched in the southern region of Campania, between the areas of Cilento National Park, Vallo di Diano and Alburni. To date, there are 27 bio-districts running in Italy spread among 18 regions, and other 21 are in the process of being formed. Territorial food system

Region: Europe
Coverage: Italy
Areas of focus: Governance and planning, Sustainable diets and nutrition, Social and economic equity, Food production and ecosystem management, Food supply and distribution