FAO in Viet Nam

Exchange session “Developing National Action Plans of the UNDFF 2019-2028: challenges and opportunities in the actual context”


You are invited to on-line consultation workshop on Developing National Action Plans of the UNDFF 2019-2028: challenges and opportunities in the actual context for Asia and the Pacific to disseminate experiences on the elaboration of National and Regional/Sub-regional Action Plans, to identify strengths, areas of improvement and strategies. The National Committee on Family Farming and other platforms, Family Farmers Organizations and other CSOs, State representatives and FAO- IFAD officials will be invited to this session.

DATE: 29 October 2020.

TIME: 9:00 am (Rome time).

WHERE: online session via Zoom.


- To provide participants with a global overview on the development of UNDFF Action Plans in the world and in Asia.
- To showcase experiences from different Asian countries in the promotion and elaboration of UNDFF National Action Plans that can serve as an inspiration to other countries and stakeholders. 
- To reflect among participants in the key elements, as well as the critical points to promote and develop UNDFF National Action Plans to support family farmers in Asia.


The conclusions of the Exchange session will be incorporated to the “Report on the implementation of the UNDFF 2019-2028 through national and regional action plans:  lessons learned, good practices, challenges and opportunities” that the WRF will publish as part of a Letter of Agreement signed with FAO to monitor the progress in the implementation of the UNDFF 2019-2028.

AGENDA: (draft version) .

00-9.15      Welcome and  opening remarks
9.15-9.30   A global overview on the development of National and Regional Action Plans of the UNDFF 2019-2028
9.30-9.45   Regional initiatives to promote the UNDFF in Asia
                 Conclusions of the Regional Forum “Sustaining Family Farming in Asia-Pacific”, October 6-7
                 UNDFF Regional consultation for South Asia, November 5-6
                 Regional Communication campaign on Resilient Family Farming
9.45-10.15 Development of UNDFF National Action Plans. Exchange of experiences
                 Nepal: UNDFF Action Plan for 2020-2028
                 Indonesia: National Action Plan for Family Farming 2020-2024
                 Philippines:  definition of a roadmap to build the UNDFF National Action Plan
10.15-10.45Q&A and comments
10.45-11.00 Conclusions and closing remarks