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Announcement : Regional 5-week interactive online training course on SDG indicators


Regional 5-week interactive online training course on SDG indicators 6.4.1 (Change in water use efficiency over time) and 6.4.2 (Level of water stress).

The course is composed by 5 sessions (100 minutes each). There will be one session every week, at the same day and time, starting from Thursday 18 June 2020. The course will be held in English and the platform to be used is Zoom. You will be provided with readings and exercises.

To whom this online training applies

The main target group of this online training are the AQUASTAT National Correspondents, their alternates and 6.4 Focal Points, where present or other water specialists involved in the monitoring of SDG 6.4 as public officials, technical or scientific, according to the following profiles:

• Water monitoring or water management professionals working in a Ministry, government agency or relevant technical institution involved in the water resources monitoring process in the context of the SDG.
• Environmental statistics professionals working in the National Statistical Office or in a technical or scientific institution relevant to the monitoring of water resources and the evaluation of the respective indicators in the SDG framework. You will learn more on
• the SDG framework and reporting process
• the methodologies for the computation of the indicators of the SDG target 6.4
• the SDG 6.4 indicators data requirement and the FAO monitoring system through AQUASTAT
• the main interpretative lines the indicators 6.4.1 and 6.4.2 offer
• the tools and services through which FAO supports countries in strengthening the technical and monitoring capacity and mechanisms.
• the opportunities for further support from FAO to countries, including establishing synergies with existing projects and programs, as well as identifying new possibilities at regional and national level Sessions will be held on
• Thursday 18 June (9:30 AM CET - Rome time)
• Thursday 25 June (9:30 AM CET - Rome time)
• Thursday 2 July (9:30 AM CET - Rome time)
• Thursday 9 July (9:30 AM CET - Rome time)
• Thursday 16 July (9:30 AM CET - Rome time) Please register using the Registration form, once we have your confirmation we will send an email with the information on how to join the course.