FAO in Viet Nam

The Technical Cooperation Programme (TCP)

The Technical Cooperation Programme (TCP) is an integral feature of FAO’s work in Viet Nam. This platform allows FAO to deliver technical expertise through targeted short-term projects. The change-making ability of TCP is harnessed to produce immediate results by supporting institutions, farmer associations and other entities. Following a project’s successful evaluation against 10 key criteria established by FAO’s governing bodies, we deliver technical inputs to target beneficiaries that can include short-term experts and consultants, practical training and equipment.

In Viet Nam, three innovative TCP projects are set for implementation:

Organic farming systems development and agro-ecotourism for small farming communities

This TCP will work in northern and southern provinces to increase and diversify rural incomes through development of a small-scale organic/plastic-free farming system to tap into increased organic consumption and production to unlock domestic and export markets. In parallel, agro-ecotourism in pilot areas will leverage Viet Nam’s unique landscapes, seascapes, indigenous values and hospitality to benefit communities and tourists’ experiences.

A key feature of this work will be environmental protection and a make-over of the agriculture setting, with rural income diversification and value addition of agro-products enhancing rural livelihoods, to reduce intensifying rural-urban migration in Viet Nam.

Development of modern business cooperatives for small-holder farmers

Modern business cooperatives have proven potential to turn farmers’ increased bargaining power and competitiveness into profits. In central and Mekong Delta provinces, small-holder farmers will be supported to build a robust platform for common input and output marketing, reductions in production costs, robust profit margins and a revitalized community spirit.

Improved livelihoods and climate resilience through climate smart agriculture and agroforestry best practices

Home to some of Viet Nam’s poorest provinces, the northern mountainous region has few development investment sources and is increasingly bearing the brunt of slow and sudden onset disasters now a feature of life in this country. In response, FAO will help build the capacities of government and upland communities to scale-up climate-smart agriculture and agroforestry best practices in this region to achieve optimal outcomes for vulnerable communities.