Directives volontaires visant à assurer la durabilité de la pêche artisanale
dans le contexte de la sécurité alimentaire et de l'éradication de la pauvreté

Towards the implementation of the SSF Guidelines in Eastern Africa


Following the endorsement of the Voluntary Guidelines for Securing Sustainable Small-Scale Fisheries in the Context of Food Security and Poverty Eradication (SSF Guidelines) by the FAO Committee on Fisheries (COFI) in June 2014, and in line with paragraph 13.6 of the document itself, which promotes the development of regional plans of action for their implementation, a regional workshop was held in Eastern Africa to discuss the implementation of the SSF Guidelines.

The East Africa Consultation Workshop on Improving Small-Scale Fisheries in the Context of Food Security and Poverty Eradication was held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, on 15 to 18 September 2015. It was hosted by the FAO Subregional Office for Eastern Africa (FAO-SFE). The workshop was attended by 40 participants from Burundi, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Somalia, South Sudan, The United Republic of Tanzania and Uganda, including representatives of governments, regional organizations, regional fishery bodies (RFBs), civil society organizations (CSOs), non-governmental organizations (NGOs), research institutions, academia, other relevant non-state actors and FAO staff and resource persons.

The workshop noted that small-scale fisheries employ the majority of fishers and fish workers in the East African region and contribute substantially to food security and livelihoods through their role in providing nutritious food and generating local and national incomes. Inland fisheries are particularly important in many countries of the region. There are many aquatic resources, including freshwater and marine resources, that are shared by two or several countries and consequently, the regional aspects of small-scale fisheries are important.

The overall objective of the workshop was to facilitate an understanding of the principles of the SSF Guidelines and their application in order to support sustainable small-scale fisheries and Blue Growth.1 During the three-and-a-half day workshop, participants examined the current status of small-scale fisheries in the region and shared experiences through country and topical presentations, and discussed priorities and actions for implementing the SSF Guidelines at regional and national levels.

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