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GIEWS Update-detail

GAUL 2007 available for downloading

The GIEWS Workstation team of the EC-FAO Food Security Programme
has released the 2007 version of the Global Administrative Unit Layers (GAUL).
In this new version, 26 countries have been updated at country, province or district level. Updates have been carried out either because more reliable and accurate data
is available (Correction Mode) or because administrative units changed (Updating mode). For details on the methodology, please read the document GAUL_Doc01_Ver15.pdf

The characteristics of GAUL 2007 dataset are:

• the Level 0 (country), Level 1 (provinces) and Level 2 (districts) are provided with global layers. The lower levels (level 3, level 4, level5), when available, are carried out on individual country layers (e.g. Burkina Faso, Myanmar, Madagascar, etc.)

• The country boundaries are compliant with the latest version of the UNCS International Boundaries Map (version 5, November 2005)

• The coastal line is mostly compliant with the coast of the International Boundary map delivered by UNCS, except for some countries (e.g. Timor-Leste) where it has been updated according to the satellite images (e.g. Landsat ETM). For the next release of the GAUL (GAUL 2008), the coastal line will be totally reviewed.

• Data might not be officially validated by authoritative national sources and can not be distributed to the general public. A disclaimer should always accompany any use of the GAUL data (see GAUL_disclaimer.pdf)

• The country-maps copyrighted and validated by SALB have been integrated into the GAUL Set layers. The list of these countries is shown in the GAUL metadata. According to the SALB data policy, for these countries, the SALB codes have been added to the GAUL codes in the attribute tables of the layers.

• The GAUL keeps track of administrative units that has been changed, added
or dismissed in the past for political causes. Changes implemented in different years are recorded in the GAUL on different layers. For this reason the GAUL product is not a single layer but a group of layers, named “GAUL Set” (see GAULSet.pdf)

This is the first release including also time series of the administrative layers
(see GAULSet.pdf)

The layers can be downloaded from Geonetwork at the site

Fabio Grita
Coordinator "GIEWS Workstation", GCP/INT/952/EC
Tel: +39-06-57054262
Email: Fabio Grita

Michela Marinelli
Environmental Engineer - GIS Specialist,
Tel: +39-06-57053496
Email: Michela Marinelli