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Posted May 1996

Wiring the South:
Internet and the developing world

This special report is extracted from "Ceres",The FAO Review, No. 158 - March-April 1996

1. A promising solution fraught with peril
Journalist Mike Holderness canvasses Southern journalists and development NGOs for their views on the promise and peril of spreading Internet connectivity in developing countries

2. A public good, a private responsibility
Bernard Woods, the World Bank's senior communications specialist until 1991, describes his ideal solution to Southern information and communciations needs: Communications Utilities that would be privately run for public benefit.

3. Stuck in the ruts on the Information Superhighway
Samuel Inyang, a Nigerian health worker, painstakingly details his struggle to get an electronic mail connection running in the city of Jos, Nigeria.

4. Africa on the line?
Lishan Adam is helping the UN establish computer networking in 16 African countries, and warns that such systems must be designed with sustainability in mind.

5. Wireless networks
FAO communications specialist Anamaria Decock reminds us that "no magic wires have appeared to connect rural Africans", and the old ways of communicating remain the most effective.

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