Description of Production Elements

031 Area Harvested

Data refer to the area from which a crop is gathered. Area harvested, therefore, excludes the area from which, although sown or planted, there was no harvest due to damage, failure, etc. It is usually net for temporary crops and gross for permanent crops. Net area differs from gross area insofar as the latter includes uncultivated patches, footpaths, ditches, headlands, shoulders, shelterbelts, etc..

If the crop under consideration is harvested more than once during the year as a consequence of successive cropping (i.e., the same crop is sown or planted more than once in the same field during the year), the area is counted as many times as harvested. On the contrary, area harvested will be recorded only once in the case of successive gathering of the crop during the year from the same standing crops. Area harvested is recorded in hectares (HA).

041 Yield

The data reported under this element represent the harvested production per unit of harvested area for crop products. In most of the cases yield data are not recorded but obtained by dividing the data stored under production element by those recorded under element: area harvested. Data are recorded in hectogramme (100 grammes) per hectare (HG/HA).

051 Production

Crop production data refer to the actual harvested production from the field or orchard and gardens, excluding harvesting and threshing losses and that part of crop not harvested for any reason. Production therefore includes the quantities of the commodity sold in the market (marketed production) and the quantities consumed or used by the producers (auto-consumption).

When the production data available refers to a production period falling into two successive calendar years and it is not possible to allocate the relative production to each of them, it is usual to refer production data to that year into which the bulk of the production falls. Crop production data are stored in metric tons (MT).

111 Seed

Data include the amounts of the commodity set aside for sowing or planting (or generally for reproduction purposes, e.g., sugar cane planted, potatoes for seed, eggs for hatching, etc.) during the year. Account is taken of double or successive sowing or planting whenever it occurs.

The data of seed include also, when it is the case, the quantities necessary for sowing or planting the area relating to that part of crop products to be harvested green or used for fodderstuff (e.g., green peas, green beans, maize for forage, rye grass, legumes for forage, cabbage for fodder, etc.), or in another form (e.g. dry pulses used for green pulses production). Data for seed element are stored in metric tons (MT).