English: Crop Prospects and Food Situation - No. 2 April 2007
Type of publication: Book
Publication year:2007
Job number:J9630/E
Data owner:ES/EST
Series title:Crop Prospects and Food Situation  - 2
Agrovoc Agricultural products, Agricultural situation, Cereal crops, Cereals, Diffusion of information, Disasters, Emergency relief, Food aid, Food crops, Food stocks, Food supply, Imports, International trade, Production, Shortages, Stocks, Trade, Weather, Yield forecasting, Yields,
Priority Areas for Inter-disciplinary Action (PAIAs) Disaster prevention, Mitigation and Preparedness and Post-Emergency Relief and Rehabilitation,  Global Perspective Studies
Region: Africa
Latin America and the Caribbean
Near East
Northern America
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 This document is also available in:
  Spanish: Perspectivas de Cosechas y Situación Alimentaria - No. 2 Abril 2007  
  French: Perspectives de récoltes et situation alimentaire - No. 2 Avril 2007  
  Chinese: 作物前景与粮食形势, 第2期,2007年4月