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Education for rural people (ERP)
This flagship is a call for a collaborative action to address rural-urban disparities by targeting the educational needs of rural people. The partnership is open to members committed to working separately to achieve the following goals.
FAO Rural Radio
The FAO Extension, Education and Communication Service has from the very outset considered rural radio as the privileged medium available to rural communities, to have access to useful information and knowledge, to dialogue and to share experience, knowledge and techniques.
Feeding Minds, Fighting Hunger
Feeding Minds, Fighting Hunger is an international classroom for exploring the problems of hunger, malnutrition and food insecurity. You will find sample materials and lessons, and a forum for exchanging ideas and experiences around the world.
Research and Extension Unit
The Research and Extension Unit provides advisory and technical services to FAO Members to support an integrated approach to agricultural research, extension, education of rural people and communication for development, in order to respond to the technology, knowledge, human and institutional ...
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