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我们的任务: 对全球粮食情况进行持续的考察和评估,定期出版印刷本及电子版形式的报告(参见我们的出版物:粮食展望...
World Food Situation
Reports, prices, analyses, issues and commodity information related to the world food situation.
State of food insecurity in the world (SOFI)
The state of food insecurity in the world (SOFI) reports on global and national efforts to reach the goal set by the 1996 World Food Summit: to reduce by half the number of undernourished people in the world by the year 2015.
State of Food and Agriculture (SOFA)
The State of Food and Agriculture is FAO's annual report on current developments affecting world agriculture.It reviews policy factors underlying recent agricultural performances at the world and regional levels, highlighting the experience of selected countries in each region. It also ...
Global Forum on Food Security and Nutrition Policies and Strategies
The FSN Forum is a global community of FSN practitioners with members in many countries across the world抯 five continents. Already involving 300 practitioners from various fields, the Forum helps bridge the knowledge divide among the different communities involved in FSN policies and strategies, ...
FAOs Special Programme for Food Security (SPFS)
In 1994, FAO's Director-General initiated a review of the Organization's priorities, programmes and strategies. This review concluded that: improving food security should be reaffirmed as the Organization's top priority, that there was an urgent need for the Organization's programmes to focus more ...
FAO and food security -Monitoring and information
The Committee on World Food Security monitors the progress in the implementation of the World Food Summit Plan of Action based on reports from national governments and international organizations. These are posted below in their original languages. (pdf)
Crop Prospects and Food Situation
Foodcrops and Shortages, and Food Supply Situation and Crop Prospects in sub-Saharan Africa, will henceforth be consolidated into a new publication, Crop Prospects and Food Situation, which will be issued in four languages and print as well as electronic format, six times per year. In addition to a ...
Agricultural Development Economics Division
The division抯 website site provides access to working papers, policy briefs, and other publications on agricultural development economics, food security policy and analysis and related topics.