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Agricultural Marketing Extension Details
As farmers become more market oriented, so extension workers need to be in a position to advise them not only on how to grow crops but also on how to market them. A knowledge of produce handling, storage and packaging is also essential. Marketing training is therefore vital for extension workers.
Equitable partnerships, markets and forest extension Details
The theme of FAO’s work in forest extension is to promote problem solving and participatory and multistakeholder approaches to enhance the contribution of trees and forests to sustainable land use and food security. These approaches tackle issues of social justice, using principles of dialogue, ...
Research and Extension portal Details
This Portal provides a gateway to sound information on research, technology, extension and their linkages in order to enable decision-makers, research institutes, extension services and regulatory bodies, to make informed decisions.
Research and Extension Unit : Extension Details
Links to publications and resources on extension from the Research and Extension Unit.
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