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This study has benefited from inputs from the following organizations and individuals:

1. Natural Resources Institute, UK

Dr. John Ryder, Head, Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Department;
Dr. Jonathan Wadsworth, Livestock Research Programme Manager;
Dr. Nigel Poulter, Crop Postharvest Programme Manager;
Dr. Alan Master, Deputy Head, Social Sciences Department;
Dr. Chris Haines, Head, Food Security Department.

2. Silsoe Research Institute, UK

Dr. Derek Sutton, Head, Overseas Division.

3. Unilever plc, Unilever Plantations and Plant Science Group

Dr. Julian Stanning, Research and Development Director
Dr. Jeremy Davies, International Development Manager.


Dr. Hilary Feldstein, Program Leader, Gender Analysis, CGIAR Gender Program, c/o IFPRI.

5. FAO

Dr. F. Mazaud, Senior Officer (Postharvest) AGSI, Agricultural Support Systems Division
Dr. A.W. Shepherd, Senior Officer, Marketing, AGSM, Agricultural Support Systems Division
Dr. D.G. James, Officer-in-Charge, FIDI, Fishery Information, Data and Statistics Unit
Dr. J.C. Lambert, Senior Officer (Dairying) AGAM, Animal Production and Health Division
Dr. R. Heinrich, Chief, FOPH, Forest Products Division
Dr. A. Rijk, Chief, AGSE, Agricultural Support Systems Division

6. Dr. Joseph H. Hulse

Siemens-Hulse International Development Consultants

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