The Impact of HIV/AIDS on Rural Households and Land Issues in Southern and Eastern Africa


A Background Paper Prepared for the Food and Agricultural Organization, Sub-Regional Office for Southern and Eastern Africa

August 2002

Scott Drimie
Integrated Rural & Regional Development
Human Sciences Research Council
Private Bag X41
Pretoria, 0001
South Africa

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. Objectives

3. The Impact of HIV/AIDS on Sub-Saharan Africa

4. Underlying causes of HIV/AIDS

4.1 HIV/AIDS and Poverty
4.2. Regional Migration
4.3. Poverty-driven Commercial Sex Work

5. The Economic Impact of HIV/AIDS

5.1 The impact on the Macro-Economy
5.2 The Impact on the Rural Economy
5.3 The Impact on Agricultural Production

6. The Impact on Household Livelihood Strategies

6.1 Coping Strategies - or simply surviving?
6.2 Women and HIV/AIDS
6.3 Children and HIV/AIDS
6.4 The Elderly and HIV/AIDS

7. A Conceptual Framework: HIV/AIDS and Land

8. Introduction to Country Studies