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Survey on goat production in the high plateau area of western Cameroon


A survey of goats was carried out using a structured questionnaire in 116 randomly selected households in 25 villages of western Cameroon province. Most pastoralists interviewed were illiterate (62.9%) and aged between 31 and 60 years (81.5%). Goat production was mainly a male activity (97.4%). Out of a total of 548 animals studied, 22 were males, 353 were females and 173 were kids. Average size of flocks was 6.8 animals per household. The production system was extensive with permanent free roaming (5%) progressively giving way to free roaming with seasonal penning (84%) and permanent penning (11%). The genetic type is the West African Dwarf goat. It is characterised by 1 to 1.5 kiddings a year, occurring all year round (26.09%), during the dry season (62.31%) or the rainy season (11.60%). Feed and health constraints were identified as the major obstacles to livestock development in this system.

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