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2.7 Feedback exercises

All answers can be found in the text.

1. Tick (Ö) the correct answers.

Adequate knowledge of one's own livestock sector is important in prioritising livestock policy issues on which to focus because this enables us to know:

i) its current function.
ii) its future objectives.
iii) its importance in relation to the total agricultural situation.
iv) its performance in terms of its current functions.
v) the scope of policy change.

2. List two major ways of classifying the livestock sector's function in sub-Saharan Africa.

i) ___________
ii) ___________

3. Column I lists three major outputs of the livestock sector. Match each with the appropriate per cent contributions of the outputs towards the total output given in Column II:

Column I

Column II







4. Name three approaches to deciding whether the tendency of a farmer to increase herd size is due to non-economic or economic motivations.

i) ___________
ii) ___________
iii) ___________

5. Fill in the blanks.

i) The independence policy objective of a government is concerned preserving political and ___________ autonomy.

ii) The economic efficiency objective aims at increasing the real national ___________and its growth rate over time.

iii) A government's objective to preserve natural resources such as soil, water, plants and animals is known as the ___________objective.

iv) The equity objective is concerned with fair ___________of income and wealth within society.

v) Besides declared policy objectives, governments often have___________objectives.

6. Circle T for True and F for False.

i) Most politicians conceive of policy issues in terms of problems rather than "unfulfilled objectives".



ii) Three elements in quantitative monitoring of livestock sector performance are quantifiable criteria, a minimum level of performance and data source.



iii) A possible criterion for assessing performance in terms of the economic efficiency objective is the self-sufficiency ratio.



iv) The change in per caput production of milk or meat would be a suitable criterion for evaluating performance of the livestock sector in terms of the independence objective.



7. List two broad groupings of policy instruments.

i) ___________
ii) ___________

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